FlexiTe stands for Flexible Taxonomy Engine and as the name implies it's all about empowering the customer in creating and managing their own taxonomies that relate best to their business. This coupled with the analysis of patterns and behaviour on the taxonomies themselves takes FlexiTe to the next level of Knowing Your Customer.

Once set with the right taxonomies, FlexiTe can start learning and building personas of the clients that are visiting your online presence. Personas can be made up of any taxonomy that the customer himself build such as age, lifestyle, ethnicity, religion, social group and measurements. With enough data FlexiTe can also understand the stage of life of the persona such as studying, married, expecting or training. Best of all having the right products setup the system can start learning the environment in which the persona lives such as a house with a garden and pets or a flat in a city as well as the likes and dislikes such as modern decor, high spender and other business critical aspects.

One of the most powerful features of FlexiTe is the ability learn and grow with each individual. The system can learn social patterns such as moving from a student to being employed to getting married and having kids. It can learn if a persona is on a diet and training rigorously to achieve certain goals.