FlexiTe is not an intrusive system. It can be plugged in to any existing platform or site that the client has. The standard interface as well as the database of any current solution will not need to be amended in any kind of way.

FlexiTe is a separate standalone system that would sit on a server within the domain of the client sitting behind the firewall to protect from external access. FlexiTe would provide the following:

  • A complex encrypted MySQL database schema that is only known and available to the system itself.
  • A visual interface to be able to manage and maintain the Taxonomy dictionary.
  • Ability to automatically load all website elements (could be products, articles, banners, images, etc) into FlexiTe Elements Module. This module will allow the client to set the taxonomies to any element within the system.
  • Ability to integrate all website queries via any technology that is required by the client (such as JSON, web services or any other technology).
  • A reporting dashboard with custom reports and the ability to add many more.