This is exactly what FlexiTe does. It understands the client, learns which persona best fits his need and then order the items on your website in a fashion that best suits that persona. It organises everything in a way that the user is actually related to... not from a click perspective but from the personal aspect of their life.

One of the sectors that FlexiTe is gaining a lot of ground in is iGaming. The real time reporting of this tool allows for gaming providers to be able to understand who each client represents. This tool allows for the immediate understanding of whether the user is a high spender or not. It helps in understanding the budget that the user has in mind prior to choosing the game or slot machine that they would like to spend their money on.

Having this real time data would allow the site to present the right game to the right persona. One would want to present low threshold games to low-budget users to be able to keep them playing as much as possible rather than losing them on the first couple of games. On the other hand the high threshold games are instantly presented to the high-budget end users so that they can maximise their winnings.

Separate from all this FlexiTe can instantly identify fraud patterns based on persona actions rather than the usual IP related reporting. Such actions can all be done even on unregistered users.

The data that FlexiTe provides to online retailers is priceless. Every product is targeted for specific dimensions such as measurements, ethnicity, culture, age group, socio-economic band and any other "taxonomy" that one can think of. 

FlexiTe allows you to understand the persona of a visitor on your site by the third click! Such a persona would then allow your site to present each individual customer with what he is really interested in. Forget presenting items based on what other people bought, or what other similar clicks on the site led to. FlexiTe takes into consideration all the taxonomies that you would have input in the system,

Whatever market you are selling to be it sports wear, maternity and child related products, clothes, cars or anything that you can think of, the system can learn the persona of the user even before they themselves know what exactly they are looking for.

  Card Companies and Money Laundering
FlexiTe compiles patterns across users irrespective of the entity itself. Thus studying fraudulent patterns when using cards to purchase products online (such as the likes of VISA, MASTERCARD and any other card) becomes instantly accessible data.

Once having this data clients can then decide whether to automate the action process on the respective user or else raise alerts through means of custom reporting.

Whatever the outcome, FlexiTe can be used to identify fraudulent patterns across any industry.