FlexiTe is an engine that constantly collates data about every single click on the website and stores the patterns of user behaviours from a taxonomy perspective. FlexiTe builds such user patterns to be able to study personas. This data is then sifted through heuristic analysis to build the data that is needed for reporting purposes.

This data can be used in two different manners, REAL TIME reporting and OFFLINE reporting.

Real Time reporting is all based on the ability to provide instant feedback to your portal on actions that need to be performed whilst the visitor on your site is browsing. This data can present information to each respective user in real time based on their allocated user persona. Such information can include what elements (products, banners, articles, etc) are presented to the user in real time as well as automated triggers on user behaviour.

Offline reporting is a fully blown data warehouse that can collate the information gathered in any kind of way. A number of basic reports are presented within the tool itself however the client can integrate with the schema directly to create custom reports. We also offer report building services ourselves.